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Evaluating A Network For VoIP Tech
[2010-08-02] The average company would probably prefer not to equip all of its employees with cell phones. Landlines can represent a nuisance, too, since long distance calls cost a fair amount. Fortunately, VoIP tech can act as a solution, so long as a company's network can handle it.

SonicWALL Releases Improved Network Management System
[2010-01-11] There might be a few ways in which networks that aren't secure can prove useful - perhaps companies could go all secret agent-y and try to feed their competitors false information. But generally speaking, secure networks are best, and so it's good news that SonicWALL has released something known as Global Management System 6.0.

Hitachi, Netcordia Help With Network Management
[2009-09-15] Aside from all of the obvious exterior stuff - spoilers, wide wheels, dual or quad exhausts - high performance cars tend to have more gauges than the average Honda. These readouts help drivers keep the complicated machines in tiptop shape. And now, Netcordia and Hitachi Data Systems are doing something similar with regards to network management.

P2P Is About Instant Gratification Not Thievery
[2009-04-20] 'P2P is a demand signal from the market,' says Cory Doctorow. If that's the case, what are we to make of The Pirate Bay conviction last week? For those who don't know, Pirate Bay is one of the world's largest Bittorrent search engines. It allows people to search through the gazillions of TV shows, films and other entertainment that sit on the web.

Tips To Help With Your Cloud Computing Project
[2009-04-06] Just finishing up the final touches on my first big cloud computing project, and there was much to learn here, some pitfalls and some promises in the cloud that might help you with your cloud computing project.

Hacking WordPress Through Security Flaws
[2009-03-23] Bandit Defense has posted a new Wordpress hack, but there are some things you need to know about first. The biggest one is that it relies on poor security at the hosting company, and already knowing the password to the Wordpress website you want to hack.

Bypassing Internet Communication Restrictions
[2009-03-09] Steve Hodson from Win Extra quite rightly asks what we can do in the face of restrictive or repressive internet social media. The good thing is that this is an easy question to answer, because humans have been working their way around authority since we began. Not everyone is a fan of authority, and the internet makes it very easy to bypass internet restrictions.

Securing Your Site With Google Advice
[2009-02-23] Hacking is a major problem that is increasing day by day. The Internet world is flocked with hundreds of, infact of thousands of anti hacking software but their effectiveness is still in question! In a recent post at Google's Webmaster Central blog, Search Quality Team of Google talks about two most common attacks resulting in hijacked websites: SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Dolphin Stadium Hacked For Super Bowl
[2009-02-10] In what is becoming far too normal, the Dolphin Stadium Web Site was hacked for a few hours and was delivering malware to people who visited it.

Monster Gets A Monster Of A Hack Again
[2009-01-26] Monster has been been hacked again, along with (which monster runs), this time with a loss of information for people who are seeking jobs. Be careful which job opportunities you respond to, and change your password.

Learning Hacks The Chinese Hackers Use
[2009-01-14] You might be surprised by how mundane this list is, most security engineers should have them in their toolboxes as well. A few here are new to me, and worth sharing.

Security Professional Need to Test Network Penetration
[2008-12-22] How do you tell a good security company from a bad one? That is the problem, do you really know you are getting the experts you are paying for.

Security Engineers Have Good Reasons Using P2P Software
[2008-12-08] Let us face it, I use P2P, and in many ways that people do not expect, I use it for Joost, I use it to down load software like open office, and Linux distro's, I also use it to download hacker tools to test and research.

Two Fresh Apple Security Hacks
[2008-11-24] Two new chunks of malware are making the rounds this week that allow an attacker to download code of choice on your apple computer.

Azureus : The Latest Search Engine Hack
[2008-11-17] This interesting Google hack returns 134 entries in Google, and 63 in Microsoft's search engine, Yahoo returns 216 results. This quick Google hack allows someone to go in and see what someone is sharing with Azureus, one of the more popular bittorrent clients out there.

Sinowal is a Serious Security Threat
[2008-11-03] RSA Security Blog has a fascinating digest of the Sinowal Trojan, and the idea that is has been in operation since 2006, compromising nearly 300,000 on line banking accounts.

Belgium Outlaws Hacker Tools, Leaves Security Holes Open
[2008-10-27] When good laws go bad, Belgium opens the door to some seriously fun Google Hacking, by outlawing tools, but not addressing poor security measures in the first place.

Wireless Network Security Takes A Hit
[2008-10-13] Fair warning, everyone: due to the work of a Russian security company called ElcomSoft, wireless networks are looking rather less safe than they have in the past. ElcomSoft's researchers claim to have sped up the process of cracking WPA and WPA2 keys by a factor of up to 100.

Google's Wireless Network Patent
[2008-09-29] While we all thought Google's Android was merely a way for Google to make it easier for is AdWords ads to appear on your cell phone, a new patent filing could reveal a larger goal.

Decrease in Network Security Attacks
[2008-09-29] The Aberdeen Group just told me that they released a free report on a decrease in network threats. The highlights are:

Hackers attack the LHC
[2008-09-15] The shiny new Large Hadron Collider has been hacked, with hackers taking over the Compact Muon Solenoid detector. The hacker group 2600 of the Greek Security Team has claimed responsibility.

Update Your System to Prevent DNS Exploits
[2008-08-25] HD Moore has released an exploit module for the Metasploit framework, meaning script kiddies and every other security person and wanna be is going to be downloading, if they have not already, and are playing around with DNS on the internet today.

SQL Server Upgrade Database Mirroring Issues
[2008-07-21] Before upgrading our production servers I simply removed the mirroring with the wizard. After the upgrade process the last step was to recreate the mirroring. If you have done this you know that you need to do a full backup with transaction log backup of the db and restore it.

Reactions to European Telecommunications Packet Regulations
[2008-07-07] Today the European Parliament is going to vote on proposed amendments to the telecommunications packet regulation, below an excerpt of FFII press release and Kathy Sinnott reactions.

RIAA Demands ISP's to Spy on Their Users
[2008-06-16] ISP's are beginning to bow to RIAA demands and spying on their users. This is odd if you consider them a communications company... like the telephone companies are.


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