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WebProWorld Networking Forum

The best router is......?
I'm considering buying a dsl router, as I'm getting fed-up of the standard ICS networking (i.e. ports get block on my lan even if I use port-forwarding on my firewall)...
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Deleted Files Hanging
Ok, ever since I upgraded my computer a bit, I've been having problems with OE where it gets errors that have nothing to do with my server or ISP. It seems when there are too many e-mail windows open, it crashes & I have to shut everything down...
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dns transfer question
I have my main domain used as nameservers on a shared hosting server. Now, I decided to get it its own server (dedicated) but obviously I will not move the ns1/ns2 to the new server and cause downtime for everyone else.
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Recent Articles

AOL Partners with Pure Networks
AOL and Pure Networks announced a partnership to extend a customized version of Pure Networks' home networking software solution to AOL members.

Testing for Network Connectivity in a Script
Sometimes a script needs to know if it has network or internet connectivity before it continues, or perhaps its whole purpose is the report a loss of connectivity or inability to reach specific services.

15 NAC Partners to Deliver Solutions in Early 2005
Cisco Systems announced that 15 partners are now delivering or scheduled to deliver solutions in the first calendar quarter of 2005 that have met test criteria for interoperability with the Network Admission Control (NAC) program.

Denial Of Service Attack
A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an attack on a network which is designed to bring it to a halt. This is done by sending useless traffic to a specific service/port on a server. The amount of traffic sent would overwhelm the service, so that legitimate traffic would be dropped or ignored.


Home-networking your PDA: Why would you want to do that?
As I've stated in the past, a PDA can offer you almost as much power as your home or office computer if it's used the right way. The PDA was designed for mobility, and one of the ways to capitalize on the mobility is to take advantage of wireless networking. There's nothing like the ability to keep in touch with the outside world without being confined to a desk! To accomplish total freedom from your desk, we're going to show you how set up a wireless network for your PDA.

There are several types of wireless networking available. One of the fastest growing technologies is called "Wifi Hotspots". These hotspots give a location the ability to offer wireless access to their customers or clients, sometimes free, but usually at a charge. The provider, let's say Starbucks, provides customers with wireless internet access in their stores for an hourly charge, or even a monthly charge if you're a regular customer. All you need is your PDA and a wireless card. As more companies offer wireless access, it behooves a PDA owner to always carry a wireless card with them. Many larger hotel chains now offer wireless access, which is great when you're on vacation or on the road doing business. Also check your local library and community centers for free wireless access. In an upcoming article, we'll discuss wireless Hotspots in more detail.
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Open Source Intrusion Detection: No-cost System Lockdown
Nowadays, basic information security at any level should include an intrusion detection system (IDS) that gathers and later analyzes intrusion data. The primary goal of IDS software is monitoring hostile operations of all types, whether human (hackers and crackers) or programmatic (viruses, Trojan horses). An IDS can function on a particular server or in an entire segment of a network.

Although the market for IDS-related software is pretty large, finding a tool that will work for your specific case isn't always easy. That is why IDS software is categorized into three classes:
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Linksys WLAN gets faster
Linksys has announced wireless LAN equipment based on Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) technology that it says increases data throughput speeds by as much as eight times over standard 802.11g equipment.

The Cisco subsidiary said it was releasing a wireless router and a PC Card adapter that included what it called Speed and Range Expansion (SRS).
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Cisco maintaining strong lead in enterprise router space
According to research from Infonetics Research, Cisco Systems is maintaining a strong lead in the enterprise routing space.

Infonetics' Enterprise Routers quarterly worldwide marketshare and forecast report showed that enterprise router unit shipments increased by 10 per cent in the third quarter of 2004. Revenue totals were $918 million (U.S.) during the third quarter, which is down one per cent from the second quarter of 2004. Revenue expectations are somewhat lower in 2004 when compared to 2003. The Infonetics projection is that revenue will dip four per cent from 2004 to 2003 to $3.8 billion (U.S.). However, by 2007, the market will improve to 2003's $3.9 billion (U.S.) annual revenue.
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Astaro updates Linux-based network security
New features, including bandwidth monitoring, increased spam protection and improved network management integration, have been added to Astaro Corp.'s Security Linux 5.1 operating system.

In an announcement last week, the Burlington, Mass.-based vendor said the features are being incorporated into the new Version 5.1 release of its flagship secure operating system. Astaro Security Linux includes a firewall, virtual private network gateway, antivirus software, intrusion protection, spam filtering and content filtering built into the operating system, making it easier for IT administrators to install, maintain and configure their IT systems, the company said.
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Mesh networking next step for wi-fi development in Western Europe report
Wireless mesh networking is to be the next step in wi-fi development, according to a report from market advisory firm IDC. Although wireless mesh is now mainly being offered by start-up companies, established network vendors are expected to follow Nortel and Motorola and announce their own mesh solutions, or co-operate with one of the mesh start-ups in the near future.

Wi-fi has received a tremendous amount of interest in the past couple of years and carriers have started to offer wi-fi hot-spot services at public locations. While there are over 24,000 hot-spots in Europe, wi-fi coverage is still patchy. Because mesh networks are quick and easy to deploy and, more importantly, significantly reduce the need for wiring the backbone, wireless mesh architectures can have a positive impact on extending the reach of wi-fi zones.
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