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How do u convert word doc to pdf
Anyone know how to convert word doc to pdf? Someone has given me a word doc in Thai language and wants to covert it to pdf and I have never converted doc - pdf. Need help.

I have my application folder in the root dir of tomcat so how can i run my servlet file by providing the necessary config in the web.xml file.

Outlook .pst File too Large to Manage
One of my co-workers has grown his Outlook .pst file to 1.99 gigs (apparently he’s very popular). Outlook’s limit for .pst (prior to the 2003 release) is 2 gigs

Recent Articles

Hidden Dangers with Public Wi-Fi
It's becoming a common thing to see people sitting in public places - train stations, airports, the local Starbucks ...

Google Claims Gmail Bug Fixed
According to published reports, Google has repaired a serious Gmail bug within 24 hours of its discovery by HBX Networks.

Serious Bug Found In Google Gmail
HBX Networks has discovered a bug in Google Gmail that hackers could take advantage of to access private emails.


Google May Be The Favored Tool Of Hackers In 2005
ZDNet predicts that Google will be increasingly used by hackers, looking to find their way into your computer.

One expert suggests...

"Using robots.txt and other techniques to prevent indexing is a best practice for non-public systems and the various components supporting public systems. Treat all Internet-facing devices -- even apparently obscure ones such as network cameras -- as relevant to security,"

What all us SEOs know is that a "robots.txt" file is the first place to look when trying to discover exactly what a web site owner wants hidden. What's to stop a worm from scouring for robots.txt information?
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Bridgeworks aims to cross over to SMEs
Storage vendor Bridgeworks has developed a product which it claimed will smash the price barrier for iSCSI SAN products and create a flood of demand in the SME sector.

Last week it announced the appointment of Hampshire-based distributor Acal Storage Networking for the product.
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Wi-Fi Surpasses Ethernet In Home Networking
More households now use Wi-Fi networking than Ethernet, a trend that will lead to an explosion of new applications, according to a survey released this week by Parks Associates.

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"This is truly a watershed finding," John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates, said in a statement. "Establishing a solid base of wireless home networks is crucial for the adoption of next-generation services. Many applications such as home control, home security, or even multimedia distribution are impractical with an Ethernet-only network."
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McData Acquires Storage Networking Rival
In an attempt to round out its portfolio and compete more effectively with key competitors, storage networking vendor McData Corp. has announced intentions to buy Computer Network Technology Corp.

The deal, which is expected to close by July 31, will transfer all assets of the Minneapolis-based CNT to McData.
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Millennial Net introduces wireless mesh networking system
Millennial Net has released Mesh485, a wireless mesh networking system designed to replace RS-485 cabling in energy-management and building-automation applications, connecting nodes such as thermostats, humidity sensors, and occupancy sensors.

For example, says Mark Pacelle, Millennial Net's vice president of marketing, thermostats in commercial buildings that were previously wired with RS-485 cabling can now be mated with a sub-base router, which is part of the Mesh485 system.
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