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PC boot up / bios problem?
I've no idea what the problem with it is, but I'm gonna try to describe it in the hope that someone has had a similar problem with their machines;

Cabir Worm Found in the US
It looks like the Cabir worm has made itís way into the States. According to news reports the worm has surfaced in wireless devices in a Santa Monica California store. To this point the extent of damage caused by the worm seems to be limited to battery drain.

Slow FTP connection & occasional "time out"
On Friday last week I uploaded a website via ftp for a customer. The connection was fast and I did all the necessary configuring without any problems at all. The site is running perfectly.

Recent Articles

Debug and Show commands for ISDN
The major reason I recommend getting your hands on real Cisco equipment rather than a simulator is that real Cisco routers give you the chance to practice and learn show and debug commands.

Apache Webserver - A Quick Tutorial for New Admins
Apache is one of the most commonly used web servers out there. If you are running your own cPanel server your websites will actually run on Apache.

Bloggers Hacked
Well, my primary box was cracked by a dipshit going after the recent bug. It's the same thing that hit Russell the other day. The bare bones stuff (blog/comments/inbound email) is working on my secondary box. But a lot more needs to be fixed.

Blaster Worm Maker Jailed
Jeffrey Lee Parson, 19, was sentenced to 18 months in U.S. District Court in Seattle for creating and distributing the a variant of the infamous Blaster worm.

Memories of a Cisco Router
It may often seem like nothing more than a sleek metal box on the outside, but the internal memory components of a Cisco router represent where much of the real magic takes place.

Hidden Dangers with Public Wi-Fi
It's becoming a common thing to see people sitting in public places - train stations, airports, the local Starbucks ... with their laptops, doing their email or writing their blogs...

Google May be the Favored Tool of Hackers in 2005
ZDNet predicts that Google will be increasingly used by hackers, looking to find their way into your computer.

Google Claims Gmail Bug Fixed
According to published reports, Google has repaired a serious Gmail bug within 24 hours of its discovery by HBX Networks.

Serious Bug Found In Google Gmail
HBX Networks has discovered a bug in Google Gmail that hackers could take advantage of to access private emails. It all started about 3 days ago when MrYowler and I were working on a mailing list script to send out a batch of newsletters for a free hacker-friendly shell service we operate.


Cisco CCNA Exam Tracks


With the latest version of the CCNA exam, Cisco offers two possible exam track options of either one or two exams.

1) The Single Exam Approach

  • Exam Number: 640-801 CCNA

  • The exam consists of 55-65 questions over 90 minutes and covers all CCNA exam topics

  • The topics covered on the exam include:

         - Planning and Designing

         -Implementation and Operation



    2) The Two Exam Approach

         -Exam Numbers: 640-821 and 640-811

         -The two exam approach consists of 640-      821 exam (Introduction to Cisco Networking      Technologies, or CCNA INTRO) and 640-       811 (Interconnecting Cisco Network               Devices, or CCNA ICND)

         -640-821 CCNA consists of 45-55 questions      over 75 minutes and covers the topics:

             -Planning and Designing

             - Implementation and Operation



         - 640-811 CCNA consists of 40-50 questions over 60 minutes         and covers the topics:

             -Design and Support

             -Implementation and Operation


    Either approach will allow you to successfully become a CCNA after passing the required exams. There are advantages to taking either of the exam tracks and these include:

    PRTG Traffic Grapher: Bandwidth and Network
    Usage Monitoring Made Easy.
    FREE Download of PRTG Traffic Grapher

    Single Exam Approach (640-801 CCNA) Advantages:

  • Only one exam required to become a CCNA and it covers all topics

  • More time efficient than taking two exams

  • More cost effective than taking two exams. Exam cost when taking this approach is $125.00 US versus $200.00 US for the Two Exam approach.

    Who Should Take The Single Exam Approach?

    Take the Single Exam Approach to the CCNA if: ∑

  • You cannot afford the expenses of the two exam approach

  • You are looking to reduce the time spent obtaining the CCNA

  • If you are well prepared for the exam topics on the CCNA exam than the single exam approach is the way to go. This approach is generally recommended for more experienced candidates such as those who have experience with networking technologies.

    Two Exam Approach (CCNA ICND & CCNA INTRO) Advantages:

  • Exam is broken up into 2 smaller sections of CCNA exam topics

  • Allows more time to learn and understand topics of each exam

  • Excellent for candidates new to Cisco technology

    Who Should Take The Two Exam Approach?

    Take the Two Exam Approach to the CCNA if: ∑

  • You can afford the expenses associated with the cost of the two exams

  • You are new to Cisco technologies and networking basics

    You will be successful following either approach if:

  • You have a complete understanding of all CCNA exam topics
  • Have experience with router configuration/simulation
  • Have completed numerous configuration examples and questions on CCNA topics

    The CCNA exam is the precursor to other higher level Cisco certifications. Successfully completing the CCNA exam will allow a candidate to pursue other Cisco certifications such as:

  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

  • CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional)

  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert)

    About the Author: provides training resources for Cisco certification exams: CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, CCDP, CCDA. It offers FREE learning resources to students such as study guides and router simulation labs at it's online learning center located at: : Making Cisco certification easy!

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