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Auto Run Command Question
I'm burning business card cd's of my website and want to add the command to make the index page open when inserted into the cd tray and show an icon on this file.

Shuttle XPC
Shuttle have now introduced barebones for use with Athlon64's (yes I know this is old news), but I was wondering what results people have had with them? In particular, what is their "ICE" heat pipe like? Can it cope with serious overclocking?

How often do you defrag?
I am just interested in how often you all defragment your hard drives. We are all design professionals using very large and numerous files so obviously fragmentation happens regularly and at a greater volume than perhaps your average IT professional.

Recent Articles

Cisco Takes Routers Up a Notch
Cisco Systems introduced the Cisco XR 12000 Series routers, which represents the combination of the Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) XR software with the proven market-leading capabilities of the Cisco 12000 Series routers.

Cisco CCNA Certification: Why You MUST Have Hands-On Experience
CCNA and CCNP candidates hear it all the time: "you have to get some hands-on experience to pass the exams". Candidates tend to think that's just so they can solve the simulator problems, but that's only the more obvious reason.

Cisco CCNP Certification: Introduction To BGP
Cisco certification candidates are introduced to BGP at the CCNP level, but the reaction to its introduction always reminds me of something I see often as the CCNA level. Whenever I teach distance-vector protocols in my Ultimate CCNA Boot Camp or Fast Track classes...

Configuring Basic Cisco Router Security
Network security is a hot topic today, and will only increase in importance in the months and years ahead. While most of the attention is paid to exterior threats, there are some steps you can take to prevent unwanted Cisco router access from within your organization.


Cisco Routs New Routers To ISPs

By John Stith

Cisco Systems announced major advancements in their Internet Protocol Next Generation Networks yesterday in the form of router enhancements and new products that will allow ISPs to go the next level of service for their customers.

The achievement in advancing Internet Protocol Next Generation Networks (IPNGN) is a major addition to the IPNGN architecture they introduced last year. This combined with major partnerships with ComCast and Sprint to develop IPNGNs for their services have created an exciting atmosphere at Cisco.

"Our momentum in the market is clearly demonstrated by these major customer announcements and the new and innovative IP NGN solutions we introduced today," said Jeff Spagnola, vice president, Service Provider Marketing at Cisco. "But we recognize that the transformation of the networks and their business that our providers are pursuing requires continued innovation and collaboration on all fronts, including implementation, training and sales. To this end, we are firmly committed, are making the investment, and have the drive necessary to help our customers be successful."

Download FREE 15-Day Trial of Activity Monitor Employee Monitoring!

Service convergence or "triple play on the move" - where increased application and subscriber-level service control intelligence is needed to facilitate the efficient and profitable delivery of voice, video, data and mobility services for wireline and wireless convergence. To achieve true service convergence, providers must be able to operate, bill, and manage a service over a range of access mediums. Cisco and its partners have developed an open Service Exchange framework, which allows service providers to facilitate and control customer access and use IP services while placing no limit on the types of applications that can be deployed.

Availability of the new offerings will happen pretty quickly too. The XR12000 router, currently being considered by BellSouth will be available in June and runs for $45,000 list and upgrades starting at $12,500. The 7604 router will be available at the end of April and starts at $34,000 for the base configuration. The Cisco SPA and SIP solutions start at a list price of $2,500 and vary according to product models and supported platforms.

About the Author:
John has a PR degree and is a NEWS junkie.

Samba Problems

By A.P. Lawrence

It never rains but it pours: I've had four Samba call in the past two days. A couple of things to keep in mind as a result of helping those folks:

You NEED to set "encrypted passwords = Yes" in smb.conf (or Swat if you prefer to use that to configure Samba). If you don't, Samba is going to refuse modern Windows clients.

If using Swat, you can't just fill in a name and password if the user doesn't already exist. You have to ADD the user. If you just put in a name and password, Swat doesn't complain, but nothing gets added to smbpassword.

User names added to Samba MUST be Unix users already.

This seems to confuse folks: you can have a file that maps Windows names to Unix/Samb logins. For example:

root = administrator
linda = lfrench

If you do that, you probably want to set the samba passwords to match what they are being mapped from. So in this case, we'd probably set root's samba password to match the Windows "administrator", and linda's password would be set to match her Windows "lfrench" password. You don't HAVE to do that (you can use "connect as a different user") but it may make things less confusing.

If you are having confusing trouble, set "log level = 2" and check the logs. Where are the logs? Wherever smb.conf says they are.

*Originally published at

About the Author:
A.P. Lawrence provides SCO Unix and Linux consulting services

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