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restricting internet access in WinXP?
I have a client who just asked me for a simple way to stop some of the computers on his network from accessing the internet with IE? He's running WinXp and my lo-tech solution of unpolugging the network cable is no good because they use VOIP.

WinXP disk needed to install/repair missing! HELP!
My brother-in-law quickly hit the power button on his laptop while still online(dial-up) to deal with a hospital emergency. Now, when trying to reboot,the 'windows was not shut down properly' screen appears; none of the options-safe mode, last config,etc- work.

Issue with 3 Windows 2000 Pro computers + Netgear switch
I'm trying desperately to bandaid a network together for a client out of three Windows 2000 Professional machines in a peer-to-peer networking configuration, all plugged into a Netgear switch (the FS516...a bunch of their machines all died at once today).

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Worldwide Raids on Illegal Filesharing
Law enforcement authorities from around the world raided illegal filesharing networks, making arrests and seizing computers. Today's assault led by the FBI hammered multiple locations in the Netherlands after a dozen raids yesterday.

High Courts Says Grokster Needs New Market
The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a ruling some people seem to be missing at least in part. The court ruled in favor of MGM over Grokster Inc. and Streamcast Networks on basic concept and that concept is the way they packaged their P2P, file sharing product.

Cisco Networking Becomes Application Oriented
By embedding technology in the network, Cisco says it can provide secure application communication. The Cisco Application-Oriented Network approach reads messages as they flow from application to application.

Cisco Orients The Application Network
New technology from the networking company promises faster, smarter, and more secure computer networks. Cisco seeks to help its networks better understand the applications running across them.

Cisco Certification: Becoming A Truly Valuable CCNA
I've been active in the Cisco Certification track for four years, working my way from the CCNA to the coveted Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert title, and during that time I've conducted job interviews and casual conversations with hundreds of CCNAs and CCNA candidates.

A Guide To ARP
When I first started studying for my CCNA years ago, one of the (many) things that confused me was ARP. Or rather, what ARP did as opposed to Reverse ARP, Inverse ARP, and Proxy ARP!


Your Path To The CCNA

By Chris Bryant

Congratulations! You've made the decision to pursue your Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been reading and working on the certification already, you'll be glad to know that you are already 90% of the way there.


You showed up.

The majority of people who are "thinking" about going after their CCNA, sadly, will never follow through. They might look through a book at the bookstore or visit a certification-based website on occasion, but that's it. They have no plan for success, and therefore the success will not happen.

Those who do pursue the CCNA the right way, with the right plan, are creating the foundation for unlimited success in the IT field.

How do I know that? I'm living proof. I picked up my first Cisco book six years ago. I had been doing some basic network installations and helpdesk work, but I didn't really know a subnet from a hole in the ground. (And the explanations of subnetting that were around then didn't exactly help.) I earned my CCNA, worked my way through the CCNP, and later made the decision to tackle the world's most difficult IT certification, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification.

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On February 26, 2004, in Raleigh, North Carolina, I passed the CCIE R&S Lab. Since then, I've started a highly successful Cisco training company, The Bryant Advantage, and a successful consulting business as well.

I'm telling you this not to impress you, but to show you what is possible. Not easy, but possible. One reason I do so well with my books and classes is that I remember what it's like to get started with your Cisco studies. I'm not one of these people who acts like they were born with all this knowledge. I know what it's like to look at a chapter in a CCNA book and wonder if you can learn all this stuff and pass the exams.

I did, and you can.

Just as important as you earning a passing grade on the CCNA exam is the fact that the work you do in studying for the CCNA is the most important study you'll ever do.

There's a reason I use a pyramid as my company's symbol; learning any skill is much like building a pyramid. When you look at an ancient Egyptian pyramid, where do we tend to look? At the peak. That's natural. But what is the most important part of the pyramid?

The foundation.

Pyramids built thousands of years ago are still standing not because they have a great peak, but because they have a great foundation.

It's this foundation of Cisco knowledge that you are building when you study for the CCNA. Perhaps you don't want to go after the CCIE now, but the day may come that you do go after it. It's also my experience that 90 - 95% of CCNAs pursue the CCNP. The CCNAs who have a solid foundation of networking knowledge are the ones who get it.

The CCNP exam that trips up most candidates is the troubleshooting exam. Look at it this way: How can you troubleshooting anything if you don't know the basics of how it works?

You can't. So keep in mind that while you're going after the CCNA, you're building your professional future.

To build this future, you need a plan. That's what this ebook is all about. By following the steps I outline here, you will greatly maximize your chances not only of passing the CCNA, but excelling on exam day, on the job, and in your future certification endeavors.

Starting On Your CCNA Success Path

First, you need to decide to succeed.

Too many Cisco certification candidates take a hesitant, "maybe I'll fail" approach to their study. You must eliminate this attitude and replace it with a "I have passed" approach. Act as though you have already passed, and your passing score on exam day is a foregone conclusion.

I spend 15 - 45 minutes a day writing down my goals for the day, the month, and the year. I have found that writing down my goals cements them in my mind, and your mind is the world's most powerful computer. By reminding yourself on a daily basis that you are going to pass the exam, you actually program your mind for success.

I would like to recommend a book and website that will help you in setting your goals and achieving them. One is "Goals!" by Brian Tracy. Brian's website, www.briantracy.com , has been very helpful in helping me achieve my goals, and it can do the same for you. You can also find this book on amazon.com.

This is an unpaid recommendation. If you're not writing your goals down on a daily basis, you're missing out on a great method of accelerating your life and your career. It takes 15 minutes a day, and it's the best investment you'll ever make.

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About the Author:
Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage. The Bryant Advantage offers dozens of FREE CCNA and CCNP tutorials and articles. The Bryant Advantage sells the world's most comprehensive CCNA Study Guide, and my exclusive Binary Math and Subnetting Mastery book. My $299 CCNA Online Fast Track is the world's fastest-growing CCNA course. Visit http://www.thebryantadvantage.com today!

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