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Javascript Countdown
I have been looking for a Javascript countdown, but I haven't had much luck. There are heaps online, but not like the one I need. I need a countdown that lasts 24 hours. After 24 hours, it should restart again.

ASP 500:100 error pages
Ive recently bought a new home PC with XP pro. got it all nicely set up as a webserver and running a couple of sites for local testing. I know i have done this before because my work PC is set up fine but for the life of me I cannot find out how to set up the ASP 500:100 error page so that you can see the full error message and the problem line.

301 redirect
Plz keep in mind i'm a noob at this. I need to 301 redirect and i'm on IIS. I went from html to .asp. I read around and noticed the following solution everywhere: * In internet services manager, right click on the file or folder you wish to redirect * Select the radio titled "a redirection to a URL".

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42U Server Management: 5 Easy Steps To Beef Up Your KVM Architecture

By Robert Pavlokovic

Discover how to clean up your server room or desk top by examining 5 easy steps to beef up your current KVM solution.

With several diverse KVM solutions currently available, this article will take a look at simple options to utilize current KVM switch technology to upgrade your data center environment.

1. Start Over

On your current low-end KVM, are you losing keyboards and mice on the return trip back to port 1 from port 4? Have you RMA'd the same switch 3 times to no avail? If so, you need to retire the old, low-end KVM to the back of your closet and start over.

Face it, rebooting an entire 16-port solution is not worth your time and hassle. Your simple SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) KVM switch is simply not enough in today's modern data center.

Where should the investigation begin for a KVM replacement? Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind while researching new KVM solutions:

OctaGate Switch™ is the ultimate tool for any web admin
Try It Free!


Plan for port expansion now since you have the opportunity to buy a new KVM. If 16-ports were simply not enough, now is the perfect time to expand your KVM architecture. Expanding to fit your current and future needs will be a lot easier than cascading multiple unlike KVM manufacturers down the road. Also, consider moving towards a CAT5 based KVM solution. CAT5 KVM switches are easier to manage and are becoming more common as most KVM manufacturers will have an option to choose from. More on CAT5 KVM switches below.

2. Add Remote IP Management

Late night trips to the data center to fix one server have become a thing of the past because of one simple product. KVM over IP front-end devices such as Raritan's IP-Reach will connect directly to a computer or a KVM switch and permits remote users to gain secure BIOS-level access to manage mission-critical servers.

Remote IP management with products like Raritan's IP-Reach and Minicom's IP Extender is conducted through a standard internet browser session. Front-end IP products work their magic by allowing remote users to gain full K, V, M access of the attached computer(s) from any location with internet access.


Consider video quality on the remote end by choosing a high-end remote IP device. Lower end front-end IP devices will offer a lesser compression algorithm leading to mouse latency and droppings. High-end remote IP management devices will offer a 16-bit palate which will increase resolution quality and usability.

Internal modem support for fail-safe back-up is standard on some front-end IP management devices. Low-end IP boxes will not offer this feature which will leave users with network issues without a connection. Internal and external modem support will offer true IP redundancy.

3. Introduce CAT5

CAT5 technology integrated with KVM switches will not only dramatically reduce cable clutter, additional features such as a powerful on-screen display control will provide users with added features normally unavailable with basic KVM switches.

The major difference between standard and CAT5 based KVM switches is the cable interface which connects to the computers to the KVM switch. CAT5 KVM switches use simple adapters called dongles. Dongles purely convert keyboard, mouse and monitor signals to a CAT5 or RJ-45 connection. Users will then take a standard CAT5 cable and connect the dongle to a port on the KVM switch. Length of the CAT5 cable varies with manufacturers; however, high-end CAT5 KVM switches such as the Raritan Paragon II will allow users to extend computers up to 1000ft away from the KVM switch.

Read the Rest of the Article.

About the Author:
Robert Pavlokovic is an expert in the KVM and Server Management Industry and is the technical writer for server and data center management topics. He also has a strong background in product testing and evaluation. He writes professionally for 42U (www.42U.com), KVM Switches Online (www.kvm-switches-online.com), Server Racks Online (www.server-rack-online.com), DirectNET (www.directnet.us). He provides consultation on enterprise solutions for server management equipment and is also the lead product trainer. Robert Pavlokovic comes from a strong 3-year sales and engineering background for enterprise server management solutions.

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