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Computer Associates Intíl Integrating EHealth And Spectrum

By John Stith

Islandia N.Y. based Computer Associates International (CA) announced on Tuesday they are integrating eHealth and SPECTRUM. This move stems from their efforts to meld the acquired Concord Communications into their network through the integration of their "best-in-class" products.

Back in June, CA picked up Concord Communications and more specifically, the Aprisma Management Technologies subsidiary. This move gave CA the ability to begin the integrations they're starting.

"The combination of eHealth network performance reporting and SPECTRUM network fault management provides us with powerful capabilities for ensuring end-to-end service levels across large, complex enterprise networks," said Bryan Miles, network operations center manager at Bechtel SAIC. "CA's integration of these two management solutions is therefore a welcome enhancement that will help us further strengthen our management operations."

Integration between the products enables customers to:

∑ Use eHealth to automatically discover network devices managed by SPECTRUM, eliminating the need to manually re-enter and continually update configuration data.

∑ Access eHealth reports, such as At-A-Glance and Trend, directly from the SPECTRUM OneClick topology view to quickly determine the status of any device being managed, and to obtain in-depth historical information for improved troubleshooting.

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∑ View eHealth Live Health alarms directly from the SPECTRUM OneClick user interface to reduce the mean-time-to-repair for network-related issues.

"We have helped many customers get value from the eHealth network performance reporting and SPECTRUM network fault management capabilities," said Jacques den Toom, marketing manager for amasol AG, an IT consulting firm based in Germany. "This new integration will enable our customers to get even more value while reducing their total cost of ownership for their infrastructure management solutions."

The integration is the first in a planned series of integrations across Unicenter Network and Systems Management, eHealth and SPECTRUM that will enable customers to leverage their investments in these technologies. Services packs enabling the integration will be available at no charge to eHealth and SPECTRUM customers later this year.

"This integration will be invaluable to customers who rely on both eHealth and SPECTRUM to ensure that their IT infrastructure is operating at peak performance," said Tom Hayes, director of product marketing at CA. "CA will continue to build on the capabilities introduced today to enable our customers to leverage their investments in infrastructure management technologies."

About the Author:
John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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