Streamline Active Directory Management
ADtoolkit™ enables users to perform multiple AD tasks at once.
Add Contacts, Computers, Users and Groups
Analyze ACLs in AD and on Files and Shares
Delete Contacts, Computers, Users, Groups
Reporting Contacts, Computers, Users and Groups
Reset Passwords
Resynch Active Directory
Search and Replace Contact, Computers, User and Group Attributes
Search and Replace Access
Control Lists (ACLs) in AD
and on Files and Shares
ADtoolkit is a comprehensive toolkit designed for Active Directory (AD) administrators of all skill levels. Administrators will minimize their task lists while ensuring accurate, optimized management of any network. This toolkit can be used by any administrator to tackle their own AD task list, or by an administrator in charge, who can pre-configure any tool to distribute to other parts of the organization.

ADtoolkit Benefits
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks - ADtoolkit’s ability to make bulk changes or additions at once ensures that Active Directory administrators have the time they need for other, more important Directory initiatives.
  • Facilitate hand off of common chores - By creating custom tools, the administrator in charge can distribute only the tools they want, with access to only the fields that they want, with pre-filled data, and configuration settings.
  • Delivers customized reports - ADtoolkit™ delivers a custom reporting tool that easily enables you to construct and filter data in Active Directory.
  • Ensure proactive management through custom reports - Report outputs can be imported back into other ADtoolkit tools, allowing you to take immediate action on any problems uncovered by the report.

ADtoolkit™ eases the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing streamlined configuration and execution of common administrative tasks.

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