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Superior VoIP & Video Conferencing – e/pop leadership shines in its high-quality, multipoint VoIP and desktop video conferencing features. Up to IT-allowed limits, everyone can enjoy full-screen, full-motion video. You can even boo or cheer at the same time.

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Manageability: *****
Security: *****
Ahead of the game in multipoint capabilities
Concrete company saves tons on travel
Web Conferencing made easy

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From quick web meetings to full-featured conferences with multiple presenters, e/pop makes it fast and easy!

e/pop Web Conferencing software provides state-of-the art PowerPoint, document, application and desktop sharing, remote control, and multiparty audio and video conferencing.

e/pop is used in sales, customer service, training and intra-company meetings to easily communicate complex topics and eliminate unnecessary travel whether down the hall or around the world.

Easy to Install, Maintain and Secure
  • Easy to Install - Like PC Magazine says, “You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes and five mouse clicks”.
  • Easy to Maintain - There are no prerequisites for databases, web servers, JVM and so on. No 3rd party rev-level mismatches and maintenance complexities to worry about.
  • Secure - e/pop web conferencing is one of the most secure web conferencing solutions available today. You can use SSL3/TLS, your own certificate, or even your own public key infrastructure (PKI).

It's easy to start a conference. If you like, you can enable the e/pop tray icon, desktop shortcut, and toolbuttons for Outlook and all Microsoft Office applications. Just one click and you're conferencing!

It's easy to share virtually anything on your computer
, just click the Share pulldown menu and make a selection. If you can use MS Word, using e/pop is easy!


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