Four solutions to data backup problems
Too many hosting providers proclaim that data security is a top priority. And they do it by throwing around data loss statistics and horror stories.

Rackspace knows you grasp the importance of data backup. You don't need to hear doomsday scenarios and scare tactics. You need to hear solutions. And we offer you the solutions and expertise that no other managed hosting provider can.

Take advantage of Rackspace's new increased managed backup subscriptions with the purchase of a managed hosting solution.

Choosing a Backup and Recovery Solution with Your Managed Hosting Solution.

The Daily Full Backup Strategy is the most comprehensive backup and recovery strategy offered at Rackspace. Learn more about The Daily Full Backup Strategy

The Weekly Full Backup + Daily Differential Backup Strategy is designed to provide speedy data recovery while reducing costs. Click here for more info

The Weekly Full Backup + Daily Incremental Backup Strategy is designed to be the most cost effective strategy that provides for a Daily Backup of all modified files and directories. Learn more

The Weekly Full Backup Only Strategy is designed to be cost effective for servers that do not house data essential to maintaining your online business. Get the details

Regardless of the circumstances, Rackspace Managed Backup reduces your risk for losing valuable data. With four unique Managed Backup strategies, we allow you to decide the strategy that's right for you based on cost, data importance and how quickly you need to recover data if it's lost.

Anyone can provide you with Managed Backup, but the safety and integrity of your data depends upon people, too. That's why Rackspace Managed Backup Technicians are on-site 24x7x365 providing you with Fanatical Support™. They are not general support technicians, they are certified experts in the intricacies of data restores.

Our experts and solutions are just the beginning of what makes Rackspace the world's preeminent hosting provider. To learn more about our hosting solutions, click here.

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