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Cisco CCIE Specializations Overview

By Shannon Margolis

The CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is one of the most respected certifications in the IT industry. The CCIE is the highest level professional certification provided by Cisco that recognizes great expertise in performing a wide variety of operations with networks, utilizing Cisco technologies and products. IT professionals who possess the Cisco CCIE certification have remarkable career opportunities in the industry, being eligible for occupying much desired job positions inside major IT companies worldwide.

Although Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts are in high demand in today’s competitive IT climate, it is important to note that the certification track is not easy to traverse and the CCIE certification can be difficult to obtain. In order to increase your chances of obtaining the CCIE title, it is advisable to complete an efficient form of training provided in an authorized learning center and accumulate a good level of experience in the field. During training, you should pay equal attention to both the theoretical and practical aspects required by the CCIE, as the final CCIE exams include a written section and also a set of practical laboratories.

At present there are 5 CCIE tracks, each allowing network professionals to become specialized in a specific area of Cisco networking. The CCIE tracks are: CCIE Routing & Switching (one of the most popular Cisco expert certification tracks, covering topics such as LAN, WAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP, etc), CCIE Security (focuses on the latest network security solutions and covers topics such as Cisco PIX firewall, Wireless LAN, IOS security and so on), CCIE Service Provider (focused on networking in the service providing industry, covers topics such as Optical networks, DSL, Voice over IP, WAN switching, Content Networking, Broadband Cable and so on), CCIE Storage Networking (a recently introduced Cisco certification track, focuses on storage networking topics such as Fiber Channel, ISCSI, FCIP and FICON) and the very popular CCIE Voice track (focuses on voice solutions for variable size enterprises, covering an extensive series of topics such as QoS, MGCP, Call Manager, Cisco Unity, Unity Express and IP Contact Center Express).

The Cisco CCIE Voice track has become very popular and attracts hundreds of candidates in search of a successful career in the IT industry. On the actual premises, CCIEs specialized in Voice technologies and solutions are in high demand and therefore they can easily find great employment opportunities in a variety of IT companies.

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Although there are no formal prerequisites for the CCIE Voice certification, candidates to certification must have in-depth understanding on the topics comprised by the written section of the final exam and at least three years of professional experience. In order to take the practical section of the CCIE Voice exam, network professionals must pass the CCIE Voice Written Exam, which covers the entire set of technologies and applications that include a Cisco Enterprise VOIP solution. The best way to accumulate all the theoretical knowledge required at the CCIE Voice Written Exam is to complete an official training program in a reputed educational center.

If you want to acquire all the necessary conceptual knowledge in a cost and time-effective manner, the best option is to book a CCIE Voice boot camp in an authorized learning center. Being held over a period of three days, official CCIE Voice boot camps are the best type of CCIE accelerated training you can find. The exquisite CCIE Written training offered in official CCIE Voice boot camps is ideal for candidates preparing for the CCIE Voice Written Exam. However, CCIE Voice boot camps are also recommended to individuals who have already passed the CCIE Voice Written Exam but do not have all the conceptual knowledge needed for being accepted in an official CCIE Voice Lab training.

Official CCIE Voice boot camps offer the highest quality CCIE Written training you can find, covering all the exam-required subjects in an exhaustive, yet very comprehensive and approachable manner (Campus design, QoS, Architecture and Protocols, SMDI, Security, Capacity Planning – Voice gateway / Network, Dial Plan, High Availability Considerations, Video, Echo Theory, Fault Diagnosis and many more). Although CCIE Voice boot camps are a form of CCIE accelerated training, they are still focused on discussing all the relevant theoretical aspects in great detail. Official CCIE Voice boot camps not only provide efficient instructor-led training, but also benefit students with competitive learning conditions (high-speed wireless Internet access, fully-equipped classrooms, etc) and a series of other advantages such as multiple financing options, free transportation from the training center to the hotel, etc. Corroborating great convenience and affordability with high-quality training and competitive learning conditions, official CCIE Voice boot camps are the ideal form of CCIE Written training for candidates to the CCIE Voice title.

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