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About Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server

By Shannon Margolis

Citrix MetaFrame thin-client solution has provided help for administrators in managing applications from a central location and has granted users access to those applications from just about any location. Citrix’s latest release, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server comes just one year after the release of Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, and therefore the questions arises as to the need of upgrading to MetaFrame Presentation Server.

Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server is a publishing product which facilitates people’s connection to applications from central servers. People can have remote access to the applications from devices outside corporate networks, such as their homes, smart phones or airport Internet kiosks. This is one of the most important advantages of Citrix MetaFrame presentation Server. From the end-user point of view, users can access their corporate network from any of these remote locations and see the applications that they would normally see at work, such as internal applications or Outlook email, while accessing them in a secure environment.

The enhancements present in Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server include improved console and printing capabilities, support for Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, and remote server access. Some of the best features of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server include centralized licensing, improved session reliability, improved user logon process, better delegated administrative roles, the ability to hide applications, digital dictation, support for large server farms, and enhanced Citrix policies. As far as the centralized licensing is concerned, this software offers the possibility of managing all Citrix product licenses from a central point and it can be installed on any server. Features include managing and monitoring licenses, tracking license usage in real time, and setting alerts for license expiry notification.

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As far as the session reliability goes, you don’t have to worry about session dropping because of IP connection failure or signal loss. Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server is reliable in that the session is frozen until the connection can be restored, and so nothing is lost. As for delegated administrative roles, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server addresses the need of having specific delegation of administrative roles as your server farm spreads out, and it does so by allowing customization of server-based permissions.

Familiarization with this software is a must for IT professionals and Citrix Training courses are available in many formats. Some of the providers of Citrix training have joined the Citrix Training Pass program, which allows them to deliver any Citrix course at a cost effective price. The only Citrix courses with an associated exam are those for latest platform products. Any Citrix course for a product other than that may still be available, but there won’t be an exam to pass, making certification impossible.

Citrix courses come in various forms, which makes it rather difficult to make an educated choice about which Citrix course would suit you best. Fortunately, all the information you need about Citrix training and courses can be found on the Internet. Moreover, there are many providers of Citrix training that will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass any Citrix exam.

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