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Securing A Wireless Network Connection With WEP...
I have just set up a wireless connection at home - whenever I log on it says that the connection is unsecure - how do I secure it? I have a new Toshiba Laptop and a Phillips Router. I saw something about a WEP key... where do I enter this? You are right to worry about...

Server Monitor Alerts In ColdFusion 8
So this isn't exactly old news, but while I've played quite a bit with the new Server Monitor in ColdFusion 8, I never really took a good look at the Alerts section. This week I finally took some time to play with alerts.

Linux Security: It's Importance in Today's World
In spite of several other operating systems gaining a huge monopoly in the market, Linux has always has its own fan following. Even today, many people are realizing the strategic important of Linux as an operating system. There are several reasons for this - the quality...

Server Monitor API In Coldfusion 8
In an earlier post I talked a bit about how the Admin API has been updated in ColdFusion 8. For folks who don't know what this is - it is a way to get into the internals of ColdFusion directly from CFML. It requires the ColdFusion Admin password, which may be a...

Criteria For Non-Windows, VMware & Network...
With the announcement of the purchase of Engyro, Maarten from confirmed that the Engyro MPs were in fact pulled from the market. This put a crimp in the non-WIndows story for more than one person I am sure. On the VMware front, we have spent quite...


Lawrence On Embedded Virtualization

By A.P. Lawrence

VMware and XenSource are moving to hardware near you: Virtualization: A feature of the hardware, not the OS?.

It's not clear to me how much cost this will add - VMware ESX runs from $1,000.00 on up, but assuming a reasonable cost, why wouldn't you want hardware with built in virtualization?

Apparently VMware already has partnerships with IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Network Appliance.

I wish Apple were smart enough to see the value of this approach, but apparently they are still stuck in Boot Camp - though I see they are now selling VMware Fusion at their online store, so maybe there is some hope.

If Apple ignores virtualization they will sink back to relative obscurity yet again.

If they grasp that brass ring, they are incredibly well positioned to keep climbing higher and higher.

Download Now!

They are the only ones who can offer it all on one piece of

•and everything else

I keep hoping that they really do understand this and are going to drop the Big Bomb any minute now.. but maybe they just can't
see it.

VMware might be facing some trouble from Linux.

The details of this are confusing (see The VMware house of cards), but if true, this could put a damper on VMware's otherwise super nova class star.

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About the Author:
A.P. Lawrence provides SCO Unix and Linux consulting services

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