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Making Your Network More Secure With Better Password Tactics

By Robert Scoble

Since last week we saw the publishing of confidential documents from inside Twitter (I doubt any of you missed that, but if you did, TechCrunch last week got passed documents from a hacker who figured out how to get into several accounts at Twitter).

This led me to start this discussion which is most excellent because it shows how to do password security right. I'll be honest, I'm going through right now and changing all my passwords because I was practicing several of the bad practices that Twitter's employees were. I bet many of you are doing the same stupid things too.

While I'm on this topic, last week the hard drive in my Mac died. I lost a few days of videos and emails because I wasn't backing up as often as I should be. Naughty me. The drive just stopped right in the middle of me working. Apple replaced the drive but that didn't help me get back the videos and emails. Today I'm setting up my new hard drives with JungleDisk. I don't care what you use to back up, but I know lots of you aren't. I bought a couple of 1.5TB drives from Seagate, too. Costs $159 at Best Buy and probably cheaper online. No excuses for not backing everything up now. You haven't done it, have you? (I know most people don't back up).

Anyway, just a friendly reminder to pay attention to these things before you get bitten.


About the Author:
Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as's Vice President of Media Development. Go to Scobleizer ...

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New WordPress Update Patches Serious XSS Vulnerability

By Neville Hobson

An update to the WordPress platform, version 2.8.2, was issued earlier today that addresses a security issue known as XSS or  cross-site scripting.

It's an unexpected update, given that version 2.8.1 was released less than two weeks ago. But good to see that the community involved in WordPress development is on the case and with a quick fix.

The announcement post says this about the issue:

WordPress 2.8.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were not fully sanitized when displayed in the admin. This could be exploited to redirect you away from the admin to another site.  Download 2.8.2 or automatically upgrade from the Tools->Upgrade page of your blog's admin.

I'm updating and I recommend you do, too, if you run Wordpress.


About the Author:
Neville Hobson is the author of the popular blog which focuses on business communication and technology. Neville is a UK-based communicator, blogger and podcaster. He helps companies use effective communication to achieve their business goals. Visit Neville Hobson's blog:
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