It's a challenge ensuring applications run smoothly over today's distributed enterprise networks. Multiple IT teams troubleshoot user complaints, with none having the complete visibility needed to solve the problem.

With OpManager you will not have to hear the gripe. Not from your network users, not from your app team. For as little as $495, OpManager goes beyond network performance to give critical insights on server and application performance too.

A few feature highlights:

1. In-depth bandwidth analysis: Advanced flow-based traffic analysis lets you know which application/user/port uses high bandwidth; including details of applications using dynamic IP addresses e.g. Skype.

2. Pro-active Round-Trip-Time monitoring over WAN: Know which of your WAN links had the biggest latency and also what type of traffic hogged the WAN link at that point in time.

3. Network Configuration & Change Management: Set alerts for any attempted configuration changes on your routers/ switches/ servers & assign administrators to approve the changes. OpManager also restores the last known good configurations in case of a wrong change.

4. Server & Application monitoring: With specially crafted dashboards and monitors for MS SQL, MS Exchange, Active Directory, Lotus Notes and Oracle, you know it when you say "It's not the network!".

Waste no time, hear no gripe.

"I researched over 30 products prior to choosing OpManager and none of them came close to the number of features or anywhere near the affordability."
Paul Williams,
National Financial Partners
Network Performance Management (6 min)
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