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Iomega Announces Four-Drive Network Storage Appliance

By Doug Caverly

Individuals and small businesses needing to store and share a whole lot of data may want to take a look at Iomega's newest offering.  The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is a lineup of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances that can accommodate anywhere from two to eight terabytes of info.

More specifically, there are two, four, and eight terabyte versions of the ix4-200d available, with corresponding price tags of about $700, $900, and $1,900.  Would-be cross-shoppers should know that all of the devices come with three-year warranties, so there's little point in worrying about reliability (or a lack thereof).

The ix4-200d is a cool-looking little box, sort resembling a small, black speaker with a blue display screen of respectable size.  It shouldn't either dominate a room or make a workspace look worse.  Or suck a lot of electricity.  Jonathan Huberman, the president of Iomega, also explained in a statement that his company's network storage products are pretty well packed with features.

Get a Holistic View of Your Complete IT Infrastructure - Free Trial

"From device-to-device replication and iSCSI support to dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, VMware certification and other innovative and user-friendly features, the ix4-200d is an excellent yet affordable NAS appliance that gives smaller organizations and work groups not only cost-effective powerful network storage but many of the same sophisticated data management capabilities as a Fortune 100 corporation that no competitor can match," Huberman said.

Plus, in the same press release, Scott Zahl, the vice president of vendor management for Ingram Micro U.S., endorsed Iomega's NAS appliance by adding, "The functionality and overall performance found within the new StorCenter ix4-200d will enable our channel partners to deliver world class enterprise storage technology solutions at an affordable price and in a form factor that is easily managed.  That's a great value proposition, especially in today's budget conscious marketplace."

Iomega products tend to enjoy a good reputation (your humble author has even entrusted his most important stuff to a quiet- and cool-running Iomega eGo portable hard drive).  Assuming this fresh device doesn't break the corporate mold and strike out in some completely new direction, the ix4-200d is liable to prove itself a strong contender in this category.

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Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.
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