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How To Troubleshoot Wireless Network Issues On Aspire One

By Roberto Galoppini

My Acer Aspire One - powered by a commercial Linux distro called Linpus - after entering sleep mode couldn't connect to the wireless network anymore. The wireless connection logo vanished, turning the wifi switch on/off didn't work either, as was useless try to launch the Network Center. If you got a similar problem, read below. came in my help, suggesting simply to delete some network files because apparently those files get corrupted when the battery runs out.

To fix it type the following comand on the command line sudo rm -rf ~/.gconf/system/networking or follow this step by step guide.

1. From the regular Aspire One options page, go to the Files panel

2. Click on the triangle to see more icons

3. Click on MyFiles, which opens a file manager window.

4. In the menu bar, select View->Hidden files, to show a tick in the box. (Sorry, I'm translating from a German display, so the option names may not be spot on.)You should be in the "My Disk:///" directory.

5. Find folder "gconf" and click on that

6. Find folder "system" and click on that

7. You should now see folder "networking" listed as one of the folders.

8. DELETE IT! (Right click on the networking folder, and select option delete.)

Okay, once you have recovered from the fear of deleting goodness-knows-what-file because you are just following some internet instructions, you have to re setup your wireless connection:

1. Shut down all those windows, and go back to the regular Aspire One options page.

2. Click "Settings" on the bottom right.

3. Click icon for "Netwrok Center". If this works, and a window pops up then it's going well.

4. Click on "New", and follow the on screen instructions to connect and re-setup your WLAN or LAN.


About the Author:
In 2001 started up a small firm specialized in infrastructural solutions based on Open Source software. In 2004 launched the first Italian consortium of Open Source SMEs, becoming its president. Collaborates to academy research on Open Source organizational models and on Open Source meta-districts, keeps rubrics and writes articles on ICT magazines.
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