Kiss your antivirus bloatware goodbye

How does your current software compare? VIPRE Enterprise scans at a brisk 13.95 MB/sec and uses just 27% of CPU and 50 MB of RAM. In idle, it uses a mere 13.3 MB RAM with a disk footprint of just 113 MB. You'll hardly notice it's running!

Finally, powerful enterprise antivirus that's not a resource hog!

Frustrated with slow, bloated antivirus? Say hello to an all-new technology that will make threat management faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

When you compare VIPRE Enterprise to Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro or whatever antivirus program you're using, you WILL want to switch!

COMPLETE! All-in-one protection from today's malware
FAST! High-performance and low impact on system resources
EASY! Manage everything easily from one command screen
RELIABLE! Configurable, real-time monitoring technology
AFFORDABLE! Low $10 per seat pricing to save your money

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