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Red Ventures Banking On Verizon Business Network

By John Vinson

Red Ventures is an internet marketing business which is responsible for multi-channel and massive acquisition programs. They represent many of the leading businesses in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico . They’ve now decided to partner with Verizon Business to assist in their advanced communications and IT services. Red Ventures is banking on the partnership to accelerate sales and improve customer service.

In a press release sent out by Verizon, the technical aspects of the deal are made apparent, “Under a new agreement, Verizon Business designed and deployed a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based Private IP network that links the 700-employee company’s Ft. Mill, S.C., headquarters with sites in Dallas, Miami, Puerto Rico and Guatemala. The Verizon Private IP network and premium data center serve as the platform for Red Ventures’ distributed IT operations. This system provides continuous support for the company’s multiple vertical markets, which include satellite television, satellite Internet and home security brand partners.”

The Verizon Private IP is the bread and butter that Red Ventures is hoping will be able to provide better performance and recover faster from network failures. Private IP has distinct rerouting capabilities that Red Ventures will exercise to speed through downtimes. Due to the company’s reliance on the network to log sales and transactions, this could potentially save the company a lot of money.

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Jonathan Desrochers, director of IT at Red Ventures, talks about the Verizon Network partnership, “We are in the business of helping companies acquire customers quickly and securely, using the most sophisticated methods possible, so it is imperative that we use safe and reliable advanced technology to best serve our partners.” he continues, “Verizon Business has become a valued technology partner over the past few years; the account team truly understands our business and anticipates our needs, and it has developed a high-quality solution that has gone a long way in improving our communications. This, in turn, helps our business run smoothly, and helps us attract the best technology professionals in the industry.”

The flexibility of the Verizon Business Network looks like what really attracted Red Ventures to the deal. The company has such a diverse load of work, that various services were necessary when seeking out a solution. It looks like Verizon presented the answer they were looking for.

About the Author:
John is a staff writer for WebProNews.
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