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The Future Of Networking Will Be In The Clouds

By Brett Derricott

If you're wondering about future trends in computing, you need to be aware of Google's Chrome OS. If you've ever heard of the concept of the Web as an operating system, this is basically Google's attempt at delivering on that.

Chrome OS is currently intended for use on netbook-like devices, which are small and portable. Everything you do, when using Chrome OS, is through the browser (the same Chrome browser Google offers now). There are some resulting benefits from this approach, namely speed in doing anything online, but the tradeoff is simplicity. You can't run Photoshop or Quickbooks or any other "installed" application on Chrome OS.

Here is one critical review of Chrome OS and one positive review.

And here is a blurb that explains one of the benefits of using a Web operating system like Chrome OS:

...the overhead of managing multiple PCs is too high for a home user. Paraphrased, his statement was that if you have five conventional PCs, it's a pain to keep them all up-to-date and their data synced. The reason, I would add, is that five conventional PCs each presume that they're either alone in the universe, or that they "connect" to this thing called a "server." But five Chrome OS portables are five caches for the same cloud-based user and application data, and as such they resemble five netbooks only in their form factor.

And finally, a video:


About the Author:
Brett Derricott is the founder and CEO of Agency Fusion, a web development company with a sweet content management system. Brett blogs about technology at Agency Byte.
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