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Network Architects Looking To Experience Growth in 2010

By John Vinson

The current economic climate is in an odd place right now. Early in 2009, we were in a state of shock and for some, despair. The words 'recession' and 'fallout' were commonplace, and as the year wore on things didn't look to get better. The more I read of predictions in 2010, the more optimistic I've become. During my readings, I came across an interesting article which directly relates to those in the networking field.

According to, Network Architects will see expansive growth going into 2010. Of course, this should leave you with a smile and some hope if you've been having trouble finding work as of late. According to their estimates, the occupational section that network architects fall under (computer science) will grow 53.4 percent by 2018.

To couple with this good news, the Wall Street Journal has also written that growth will occur in the computer-network administration field. With this information there's of course a positive side, but like all things could have unforeseen consequences.

With a highly needed position, competition will undoubtedly grow. This leads to the field expanding, which is a good thing, but it also means you have to appear as more of an asset. Education being your first step in improving your resume. With younger recruits coming out of college, it can seem they might have a step ahead. Network technology is continually growing and changing, therefore staying informed is the key.

There are a slew of options available for keeping informed. Here are a few places to take a look at if you wish to expand your knowledge-base:

Ashworth College
University of Phoenix

While education is a must, experience is more important. Whether you're out of work or currently have a job, now might be the time to look for an upgrade. With growth going into 2010, jobs with better pay, working conditions, and benefits might be out there lurking. You can search for these jobs by traditional means, classifieds, etc...

Somewhere else to keep a look out for networking positions is social media. With LinkedIn being the best example, there's a huge movement to look for potential talent in social networks. Create a LinkedIn resume, and get your name out there. Before you know it, a new position could present itself all because you took 5-10 minutes to create an online resume.

The networking field expands, and with the right frame of mind, you can stand to profit from it. I'm not talking about money, but expanding your horizons. With numerous amounts of different fields going virtual, they all need an expert.

About the Author:
John is a staff writer for WebProNews.
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