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SonicWALL Releases Improved Network Management System

By Doug Caverly

There might be a few ways in which networks that aren't secure can prove useful - perhaps companies could go all secret agent-y and try to feed their competitors false information.  But generally speaking, secure networks are best, and so it's good news that SonicWALL has released something known as Global Management System 6.0.

Jan Sijp, SonicWALL's Director of Product Management, said in a statement, "With release 6.0 we have greatly expanded the applicability of GMS to our customer's networks.  Many customers have been asking us for central management for SonicWALL Email Security and CDP appliances and now they have it - both at the individual device and the group level."

The product doesn't just throw electronic locks on everything and slow users down, though.

Sijp explained, "GMS at its core is a productivity enhancement and expense management solution and GMS 6.0 builds on this foundation.  Our new reverse inheritance feature closes the loop with the existing reverse inheritance functionality enabling customers to, among other things, copy configurations from one device to another or from one device to a group of devices."

This sounds like good news all around for folks who don't feel like orchestrating quadruple-crosses.

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