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Network Intrusion Detection And Prevention System Debuts

By Doug Caverly

A network that's not secure is perhaps worse than no network at all; it's a bad idea to provide hackers and malware with an easy way to jump from one site or computer to the next.  And so network professionals may be happy to hear that PAETEC has introduced what it's labeled the "network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System" (or IDPS for short).

A press release described how the system works by stating, "PAETEC's IDPS utilizes deep-packet inspection through a combination of a signature-based Intrusion Prevention Sensor (IPS) and a centrally monitored Intrusion Detection System (IDS)."

The official release then continued, "By combining the monitoring and detecting components of IDS with the reactive, zero-hour components of IPS, PAETEC's new offering represents one of the most robust intrusion protection services available."

"Robust" doesn't mean overly cautious and annoying, though, as the system takes special measures to guard against false positives.  And it also doesn't mean the new IDPS service is housed in a refrigerator-sized steel box that users will have to install mid-office, since it's actually not necessary to store any equipment on-site.

John Chapman, PAETEC's senior vice president of marketing, talked a little about this nice detail in a statement.  He said, "Our managed network IDPS service drastically reduces the costs associated with enterprise network security by leveraging our world-class equipment, processes, and personnel in our centralized PAETEC Security Operations Center."

The Best Value in Network Management

Other IDPS talking points include the fact that it offers quadruple redundancy in addition to real-time monitoring and real-time alerts.  Automatic patching and updating are part of the package, too, along with zero-hour protection and the detection system and prevention sensor that were incorporated into the name.

All of this should come together in a way that makes network users and owners quite a bit safer.  PAETEC's IDPS service may even benefit people and companies that don't use it by reducing the overall spread of malware.

The IDPS service is available starting today.  Let's hope it has an immediate effect in terms of keeping networks secure and making network professionals' jobs easier.

About the Author:
Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.
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