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May 24, 2010
Got Xsploitin' Skillz? Heres How To Get Rich!
By Alex Trent
Software crackers who make money breaking other people's software don't usually get rich from their skills. With the release of iDefense Labs report on Emerging Economic Models for Vulnerability Research, this may be changing.

While quite stealthy, or maybe not so stealthily, this paper is clearly an advertisement, a 20 page advertisement at that, aimed at crackers (or "security researchers" or whatever they want to call themselves) who want to make money cracking software, asking them to contribute their skills for monetary rewards to iDefense and TippingPoint (owned by 3com). For proof, just look page four, there is a chart right in the middle of the page detailing how the best hack in a quarter can pull in 10 grand! While the lamest hack, of the top five, only earns $2000. So, technically, having the most leet hack for every quarter for four quarters would earn you $40,000 a year, better than a manager at Burger King!

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