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August 02, 2010
Evaluating A Network For VoIP Tech
By Doug Caverly
The average company would probably prefer not to equip all of its employees with cell phones. Landlines can represent a nuisance, too, since long distance calls cost a fair amount. Fortunately, VoIP tech can act as a solution, so long as a company's network can handle it.

Being able to call anyone, anywhere for almost no money sounds great, but after all, it would have a serious cost of a difference sort if everyone lost the ability to do research online or even access their email each time a single employee picked up a phone.

A reverse situation is possible, too, where someone watching YouTube videos or playing online games on his lunch break would cause callers to have a bad experience. And it would be a real pain if it were necessary to make a company-wide announcement every time the phone rang.

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