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August 16, 2010
Network Neutrality 101
By Michael Marr
This past week, Google and Verizon introduced a joint legislative proposal. Shortly thereafter, blogs and forums filled with buzz and chatter over this two-page document. Many of those blogs and posts were targeted at Google, claiming that they are proposing things in violation of net neutrality. What exactly is net neutrality, and why is Google and Verizon's proposal taking so much heat?

Network neutrality is the philosophy that all things related to the network of the internet be neutral, i.e. unregulated. In a completely neutral network, there would be no regulations on what can connect to that network and what data can be transferred across that network. This is the environment in which the Internet has grown in and thrived upon, and thus the environment that most Internet purists strive to maintain.

However, the issue with this idea of neutrality is the Internet is now a vessel of capitalism. Capitalism revolves around the creation and protection of wealth. Therefore, it has become in the best interests of many players in this industry to begin to protect their wealth. An example of where this protection of this...

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