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October 18, 2010
Virtualization Drives Near-Term Network Needs
By Taylor Gillespie
While nothing can match the surge in network business that presented itself with the birth of the World Wide Web, current network business opportunities arise from the current and logical interest in the virtualization of much of the hardware in the server room. Virtualization is an inevitable move to turn hardware into data. Data is dirt cheap and weighs less. It can be created, changed, and stored. More businesses will invest in virtualization technologies in an effort to cut costs and increase manageability and by extension, the flexibility of the services offered.

In Certification Magazine, Brett Chambers, IT director for Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts, indicates a trend for 2010 that clearly shows that "there will be an ongoing push to consolidate resources, justify costs and centralize complexity new investments need to be made in server infrastructure and virtualization technology to support these changes." He says more people are needed "that understand virtualization and how to get the most out of server hardware for the least expense." Once the new infrastructure is in place however, there will be less machines to oversee. More of the hardware will be abstracted into software. Chambers stresses that by deciding to move to virtualized hardware is not without its risks to network engineers and "working ourselves out of a job, because you don't need as many people to manage as many servers as you once had."

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