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January 31, 2011
How To Forget Networks On Your Mac
By Dave Taylor
I used to leech Internet access from a neighbor, but after they gave me grief about it, I set up my own wireless network and am paying for my own Internet. Good citizen, right? Problem is, every time I start up my trusty old MacBook it automatically picks my neighbor's network and I have to explicitly switch it to use my own. Isn't there some way to fix this annoying wifi network behavior??

Dave's Answer:

You're right, you've become a good network citizen, and just in time. Cities are starting to establish laws that define leeching off another person's wireless wifi network without permission as an illegal act of theft. How you'd get caught I don't know, but you can imagine that from the other party's point of view, it'd be alarming if you were, say, pirating movies and it was their computer network that was tagged!

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