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February 14, 2011
Accent Computer Solutions Named Number One IT And Network Services Firm
By Doug Caverly
While some people have trouble accepting it, it's a simple fact that not everyone can be the best. Indeed, only one person or company can be the leader in any given field, with everything else following behind. But it is possible to learn from and/or work with the best, and in terms of IT and network services, Accent Computer Solutions recently topped one list.

To provide some background information: an organization called The Business Press was behind the list, and it's published by Enterprise Media, a subsidiary of A.H. Belo Corporation. So this wasn't an honor of the unimportant, available-for-$4.99 variety. Some big names are behind it.

Also, Accent Computer Solutions describes itself by stating that it "was founded in the 1980s and helps businesses use Information Technology to cut their costs and boost their business. Accent knows firsthand the impact a properly managed IT system can have on their clients' success, so they built their business to prevent IT problems from happening in the first place."

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