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March 21, 2011
Microsoft Conducts Takedown Of Rustock Botnet
By Doug Caverly
Networks all over the world should now be facing less spam and a smaller threat of attack. The botnet known as Rustock has been taken down (and appears to be staying down) thanks to an investigation and series of raids orchestrated by Microsoft.

A little background info in case you're not familiar with Rustock: a post on the official Microsoft on the Issues blog explained that the botnet is thought to have infected around one million computers, and has sent out billions of spam messages on a daily basis.

Rustock even earned its own Wikipedia entry, which should prove how high its profile was.

Now Rustock's more or less out of order, though. The blog post stated, "Microsoft filed suit against the anonymous operators of the Rustock botnet, based in part on the abuse of Microsoft trademarks in the bot's spam." Then, "[W]e sought and obtained a court order allowing us to work with the U.S. Marshals Service to physically capture evidence onsite and, in some cases, take the affected servers from hosting providers for analysis.

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