New Packet Tracer utility dramatically simplifies network troubleshooting and eases firewall rule changes.
Athena PathFinder is a handy engineer's tool for for visually modeling a network and its firewalls, and to simulate a virtual packet's path across the layer 3 devices in the network. This path analysis reveals the rules in each firewall that should be changed to allow or deny the packet.

PathFinder is based on patented technology developed by Athena Security to offer security operations groups a focused, simple to use, and highly interactive network query tool. The offline model of access policy is derived from device configurations so it can be conveniently used for troubleshooting and finding the optimal places to make changes without injecting any packets into the network.
Additional new features include:

  • Quick creation of topology diagram by one-step connections
  • Specify the source, destination and service parameters for a node to node query
  • Save topology diagram in different image formats like GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPG and SVG etc.
  • A powerful Packet Tracer option provides the ability to inject a virtual packet, specified as source, destination, and service, into a selected subnet in the topology.
In a world where controlling technology costs are paramount, Athena is the only solution provider to offer enterprise firewall analytics and remediation in a collection of focused tools. Customers configure Athena products towards requirements that are specifically operations, security or compliance-oriented and pay only for what is needed.
Athena aims to be the most affordable and flexible choice for network and security engineers.
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