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May 02, 2011
Network Devices Capable of 100GbE on the Increase
By Taylor Gillespie
Since the first announcement of 100GigE back in 2008, equipment providers have been anticipating and releasing compatible products that allow the the technology to function and the full speeds realized. Demos and fully functioning networks soon followed. With the fully ratified IEEE 802.3ba that came in 2010, Internet Service Providers began rolling out the long-haul transmission capabilities that 100GbE offers. Companies that provide the capable network equipment, such the pioneer Juniper Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco, continue to fight for the space for their equipment on Internet Service Provider's networks.

Even Fujitsu, now, seemingly wants a piece of the next network. As companies migrate to faster networks based on 100GbE, Fujitsu is aiming to disrupt the more well-known, and entrenched network equipment manufacturers by providing a lower "bit cost" with their newly announced transponder and muxponder cards for their FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform. These support up to 88 channels and up to 8.8 Terabits of network capacity. Many ISPs, Fujitsu says, typically only use single-channel 100GbE networks or combine groups of single-channels into pseudo multi-channel networks. This capacity increase and cheapened cost will speed up the adoption-rate of 100GbE networks.

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