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May 23, 2011
KKR Names HP Networking Executive as Industry Advisor
By Taylor Gillespie
Coming off of a successful InterOp 2011 debut of their FlexNetwork suite of products as last reported by Network Newz, Hewlett-Packard has undergone a surge of successive executive changes. The loss of Marius Haas, the head of networking and senior VP, might mean there will be a delay with the roll-out of FlexNetwork technology, but HP should be able to overcome any setbacks. Despite being a potential blow to HP; Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts stands to acquire a varied technology portfolio with the hiring of Martin Haas, former senior vice president at HP.

Marin Haas' departure, as first reported by Bloomberg, comes during the loss of three other senior executives. HP had a strong showing at InterOp 2011 when their innovative FlexNetwork technology impressed the crowd. They should not be impeded by corporate restructuring. The generated buzz should not be reduced as the FlexNetwork technology proves to be HP's networking challenge to Cisco's dominance, and as "the only converged networking architecture," HP's FlexNetwork technology is set to compete with Cisco's similar offerings. Although Martin Haas had been present for a period of substantial growth in their networking product-line, HP has the momentum and wherewithal to continue unfazed.

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