Who detects network sluggishness first?
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Does it matter who presses the buzzer first when your network turns sluggish or unresponsive? Of course it does. It’s good to stay on top of the problem with a proactive "We know what went wrong... it will be up in a minute" than lead a life of denial with "Oh!! Can’t be! For how long?". The latter sows seeds of uncertainty in the mind of your users about your network performance and puts your job at risk.
Now get instant network alerts from ManageEngine OpManager; spot performance hiccups and dive deep into
network fault with its wide collection of tools and fault management functionality that not just lets you detect but also lets you to isolate and resolve the faults quickly, before it impacts your end users. There’s no hassle here, simply download ManageEngine OpManager and start seeing results right away! Try it free »
Brian Blanchard,
Chief Operations Officer,
Caria Little,
Network Support Supervisor,
Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division
"...I have reduced 15% waste of development time by 90%. Now less than 2% of my developer time is lost to emergency repair of performance issues..." "...we manage a complex WAN connecting over 200 credit unions across the US. OpManager helps us resolve network outages and troubleshoot performance problems even before our customers notice..."

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