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September26, 2011
An Iptables Eulogy, Part 1: Introduction
By Joe Purcell
If Scapy is the most powerful tool for network admins, iptables is the most handy. This tutorial, or eulogy rather, serves to help the reader transcend the disturbing complexity of such a simple idea: routing IP traffic.

A reader advanced in iptables would perhaps be better served reading Oskar Andreasson's Iptables Tutorial (other formats). Oskar has been involved in writing the tutorial for many years. Though the last revision was in late 2006, iptables has not changed enough to hinder the concepts and procedures he explains. Even so, this eulogy should at the very least be worth the entertainment.

For those unaware, it is appropriate to mention that Netfilter who develops iptables is a longstanding team of developers who have contributed code since 1998. Though iptables is for Linux, even admins who use mostly Windows often have a Linux firewall, and in the case of Windows only, at least the concepts of IP routing will be of benefit.

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