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March 06, 2012
Making The Switch To NGINX
By Michael Marr
I have a total success kid moment every time I switch one of our Apache HTTP servers to NGINX. Without any significant tweaking to NGINX, we take a highly configured and pageview hardened Apache server and increase its capacity ten fold with a switch to NGINX. It comes by no surprise to me, then, that NGINX is continuing its steady ascension in the web server market share. W3Techs reports that NGINX broke 10% in early 2012, and now is halfway to 11% market share. What's more convincing than that, however, is it it's apparent dominance in the high traffic websites.

Many http servers utilize virtual hosting. Through virtual hosting, you can host various web properties from separate domains on one single http server utilizing, if you so desire, only one single IP address. In Apache, a virtual host looks something like this:

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