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May 14, 2012
Trevor Boland Boundary Offers Real-time Analytics For Big Data Network Traffic
By Trevor Boland
I think we can all agree that knowing your network is everything. The more you know about how it works on a normal basis, the better you can detect and investigate anomalies. Current analytics work, as Stacy Higginbotham, writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, puts it, as snapshots of network activity. One company is seeking to change that, however, offering what Higginbotham describes as a Pixar cartoon compared to viewing a flip book.

The company, Boundary, explains that their product is different because the more traditional solutions measure statistics on the individual hosts. This is useful but Boundary says it's not enough for Big Data applications. "Whereas traditional applications will often fail with a single root cause, Big Data applications will typically suffer degradation, rather than up/down failures and will more often fail in a distributed manner resulting from a series of seemingly unrelated issues." They accomplish this by examining the header of every single packet and sending the gathered information to [...]

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