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May 21, 2012
Dale Smith Global Internet Speeds Steadily Rising
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By Dale Smith
A couple weeks ago I was sitting on my PC at home, and began downloading a software update. Immediately I was confused. "1.5 megabytes per second?", I thought, staring at the download window. "That cant be right. We pay for an 8 megabit line." Turns out our ISP had upgraded us from our 8Mbps connection to 15Mbps, at no additional cost. Where 8meg was their fastest rate previously, they now offer plans up to 25Mbps, with no discernible data limit (or at least one so high my manic downloading has not hit yet).

This seems to be a growing trend worldwide, as it should be. Moore's law dictates that our processing power doubles every couple of months, so it stands to reason that our network infrastructure would become more robust over time as well. Every quarter Akamai takes a look at global Internet connection speeds, attack traffic, network connectivity, and more. They take the data from the latest state of the Internet and compile it into an infographic form.

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