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July 2, 2012
Zach Walton More Businesses Are Now Going Google [Google I/O]
By Zach Walton
During Google's I/O keynote today, the company announced that businesses and governments are now more than ever "Going Google." By "Going Google," the company means that these organizations and groups are utilizing Drive, Gmail and the Google Docs suite of software to run their business.

Google Chrome has already posted some incredible numbers, but Google Drive is doing not too shabby as well. It was found that 45 states now use Google Docs to handle communication and workflow between employees. Even more impressive, they revealed that 66 of the top 100 universities use Google to power their workflow as well.

Those are the markets that Google has been trying to break into and they have obviously been doing well. When Google first revealed Google Docs and the sharing between people, Google obviously envisioned themselves as being part of businesses. They have obviously reached that goal by announcing that 5 million businesses are now using Google to drive their operations.

Google obviously hopes that the move to Google [...]

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