August 20, 2017

IBM Is Launching Watson for Cyber Security

IBM announced Watson for Cyber Security, a new cloud-based version of the company’s cognitive technology trained on the language of security as part of a year-long research project. IBM plans to collaborate with eight universities to greatly expand the collection of security data IBM has trained the cognitive system with.

IBM created a great video providing the overview of Watson for Cyber Security:

Jeb Linton, IBM Watson Chief Security Architect talks about how Watson is different, “Watson is different than traditional systems in that its not really programmed so much as taught. You teach it by example distilling the understanding of human subject matter experts, but they’re not doing it in the form of coding. They don’t program it, they give it examples. As they give it examples and material to work on it learns to become an expert like they are.”

If you are not familiar with Watson here is IBM’s synopsis:

Read the full IBM Watson for Cyber Security announcement here.