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San Antonio Is The Next City To Get Google Fiber  
It’s official – Google Fiber’s next stop is San Antonio. This will be the biggest city to which Google’s brought its high-speed internet.

Date: 2015-08-18

Many Demand For Specific Privacy Rules For ISPs 
In order to obtain the necessary services that the country’s various internet service providers offer, Americans must give up a lot of personal information. And what those companies do with said information should be a concern of every single American.

Date: 2015-07-29

SpaceX Will Soon Begin Its Satellite Internet Network
Back in January, SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced his intentions to build a satellite network that would provide high-speed internet from space. Now, he's apparently making moves to begin testing said plans.

Date: 2015-07-13

Sniff Out Bandwidth Dogs Fast!
Turn to SolarWinds® Business critical apps taking a backseat to bandwidth-sucking streaming media, apps, or users? Sniffing out bandwidth bandits is quick and easy with SolarWinds® Bandwidth Analyzer Pack (BAP). Use this powerful combination of SolarWinds most popular network performance products to:

Date: 2015-06-09

Comcast Releases High Price Point For 2Gbps Fiber Internet
Comcast is in the process of rolling out a high-speed fiber network to compete with the likes of Google Fiber (and also municipalities with their own networks) – but the company has yet to reveal how much it's going to cost.

Date: 2015-06-08

Comcast Announces Plan For Next Fiber Network Initiative
Comcast has just put a lot of pressure on Google by announcing a new internet service that will deliver speeds twice as fast.

Date: 2015-05-11

Comcast Releases Plans for Gigabit Pro, New 2Gbps Fiber Service
Comcast has just put a lot of pressure on Google by announcing a new internet service that will deliver speeds twice as fast.

Date: 2015-04-13

Salt Lake City Up Next For Google Fiber Treatment
Salt Lake City is the next city that'll get Google Fiber, the company announced today.

Date: 2015-03-30

Free, Basic Internet Comes To India from Facebook
Facebook has brought its app to India, giving free, basic internet access to people in six Indian states – Tamil Nadu, Mahararashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, and Telangana. The deal is a partnership with Reliance Communications.

Date: 2015-02-19

Facebook Launches Its App in Columbia
Facebook has just launched its app in Colombia, bringing free basic internet services to the country.

Date: 2015-01-19

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