August 17, 2017

Building The Fact Of Network Cloud Computing

October 12, 2009 Mike Kavis

I have found that with cloud computing there seems to be a ton of “expert” advice but it is not coming from people who are actually building solutions in the cloud.  Many giving “expert” advice are seasoned veterans and talented people, but they are simply stating opinions not backed by […]

Changing The Network Name On Your iMac

June 29, 2009 Dave Taylor

I just bought a used iMac and am frustrated to find that it identifies itself as “Susie’s Q” on the network. Since I’m not Susie – and never have been! – I really want to change this. How do I change my iMac’s name in Mac OS X on the […]

P2P Is About Instant Gratification Not Thievery

April 20, 2009 James Cherkoff

‘P2P is a demand signal from the market,’ says Cory Doctorow. If that’s the case, what are we to make of The Pirate Bay conviction last week? For those who don’t know, Pirate Bay is one of the world’s largest Bittorrent search engines. It allows people to search through the […]