August 17, 2017

Largest Ever Cyberattack Takes Down Security Site

September 23, 2016 NetworkNewz

One of the largest Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks ever seen on the internet has caused Akamai to dump a site it hosted, The DDoS attack was apparently in retaliation for journalist Brian Krebs‘ recent article about vDOS, which is allegedly a cyberattack service. According to BI following Krebs […]

Google Explains How Its Cloud Platform is More Secure

August 30, 2016 NetworkNewz

Neal Mueller, Security and Networking lead for Google Cloud, recently was interviewed about security and other important aspects of using the Google Cloud Platform to host websites, online retailers and other data intensive applications. Should I move our online applications to the cloud and is it secure? We get that […]

IBM Is Launching Watson for Cyber Security

June 4, 2016 NetworkNewz

IBM announced Watson for Cyber Security, a new cloud-based version of the company’s cognitive technology trained on the language of security as part of a year-long research project. IBM plans to collaborate with eight universities to greatly expand the collection of security data IBM has trained the cognitive system with. […]

Many Demand For Specific Privacy Rules For ISPS

May 9, 2016 Josh Wolford

In order to obtain the necessary services that the country’s various internet service providers offer, Americans must give up a lot of personal information. And what those companies do with said information should be a concern of every single American.

The Data Breach Deluge of 2011

June 20, 2011 Joe Purcell

Millions of online accounts have been compromised so far this year alone. The growth of data stored online is unprecedented, but data security is not keeping pace. The data breach deluge of 2011 is swelling larger than ever before and calls for better security measures to be implemented by all […]

Cisco Announces New Network Security Tech

February 21, 2011 Doug Caverly

Keeping networks safe may soon become significantly easier thanks to fresh offerings from Cisco.  Cisco has introduced new “context-aware” security solutions meant to keep everyone safe regardless of whether they use mobile technology, virtual working environments, or just about anything else.

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