August 17, 2017

Cisco Announces Interoperable IIoT Standard

November 30, 2016 NetworkNewz

Cisco announced today that a number of key tech companies have agreed on an Interoperable IIoT Standard. The group, which includes ABB, BoschRexroth, B&R, Cisco, General Electric, National Instruments, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SEW Eurodrive and TTTech, is aiming for an open, unified, standards-based and interoperable IIoT solution for communication […]

Large Domains Suspended To Invalid WHOIS Data

January 3, 2011 Bill Hartzer

When Nikki Craft woke up one morning recently and checked her websites, they were not working. In fact, all 20 of her high-traffic websites were down. After further investigation into the issue, she learned that the domain names had been suspended by the registrar due to invalid WHOIS data on […]

Virtualization Drives Near-Term Network Needs

October 18, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

While nothing can match the surge in network business that presented itself with the birth of the World Wide Web, current network business opportunities arise from the current and logical interest in the virtualization of much of the hardware in the server room.

Evaluating A Network For VoIP Tech

August 2, 2010 Doug Caverly

The average company would probably prefer not to equip all of its employees with cell phones. Landlines can represent a nuisance, too, since long distance calls cost a fair amount. Fortunately, VoIP tech can act as a solution, so long as a company’s network can handle it.

WaveMaker Brings New Ease To Open Source Cloud Networks

January 25, 2010 Roberto Galoppini

Few days ago WaveMaker announced profitability, showing an increase on sales by over 53% in the latest quarter, eventually showing the world that the cloud is a given, and not a prediction. Chris Keene, WaveMaker CEO, gave me some background information on how the WaveMaker open source framework later became an […]

The Future Of Networking Will Be In The Clouds

November 30, 2009 Brett Derricott

If you’re wondering about future trends in computing, you need to be aware of Google’s Chrome OS. If you’ve ever heard of the concept of the Web as an operating system, this is basically Google’s attempt at delivering on that. Chrome OS is currently intended for use on netbook-like devices, […]

Red Ventures Banking On Verizon Business Network

November 16, 2009 John Vinson

Red Ventures is an internet marketing business which is responsible for multi-channel and massive acquisition programs. They represent many of the leading businesses in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico . They’ve now decided to partner with Verizon Business to assist in their advanced communications and IT services. Red Ventures […]

New Plans For MySQL Revealed By Oracle

November 2, 2009 Savio Rodrigues

Oracle updated its frequently asked questions (FAQ) overview of the impending Sun acquisition to address some important questions about the fate of Sun’s software assets beyond Java and Solaris. To be completely honest, none of Oracle’s plans come as a surprise.  And at the end of the day, the FAQ […]

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