August 17, 2017

A Must Have Plugin for Unsecured Wifi Network Users

November 15, 2010 Michael Marr

We covered the recent release of FireSheep, a Firefox plugin that easily allowed the hijacking of user sessions for popular websites such as Facebook. Although this plugin was intended to raise awareness of a vulnerability in the authentication system used by a large percentage of websites, it has widely been […]

Unsecured Wifi Networks Now Even More Dangerous

November 1, 2010 Michael Marr

It was very common to see unsecured and open wireless networks when the technology was first emerging. As wireless networks and devices became more popular, awareness of how unsafe these open wireless networks really are also grew. Secure wireless technologies quickly became the norm, and now it often seems difficult […]

I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller

October 11, 2010 Michael Marr

Steven Vaughan-Nichols recently published an article on ZDNet entitled You must be at least this secure to ride on the Internet. It is Steven’s position that there should be denial of access to the Internet for those users/computers found to have malware, bots, or other malicious code. This denial would […]

Evaluating A Network For VoIP Tech

August 2, 2010 Doug Caverly

The average company would probably prefer not to equip all of its employees with cell phones. Landlines can represent a nuisance, too, since long distance calls cost a fair amount. Fortunately, VoIP tech can act as a solution, so long as a company’s network can handle it.

Penetration testing with Metasploit

May 10, 2010 Alex Trent

When recommending penetration testing for a corporate network the first question is usually, “Why would we need penetration testing?” The first answer is, if you don’t they will. Everyday malicious and sometimes just overly curious people use their computers to run automated testing scripts that look for system vulnerabilities to record and […]

Building The Fact Of Network Cloud Computing

October 12, 2009 Mike Kavis

I have found that with cloud computing there seems to be a ton of “expert” advice but it is not coming from people who are actually building solutions in the cloud.  Many giving “expert” advice are seasoned veterans and talented people, but they are simply stating opinions not backed by […]

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