Decrease In Network Security Attacks

By Bill Ives
Expert Author
Article Date: 2008-09-29

The Aberdeen Group just told me that they released a free report on a decrease in network threats. The highlights are:

Best-in-Class companies reported a year over year decrease of 8.6% in network security attacks.
Best-in-Class companies reported a year over year decrease of 7.3% in all application security attacks
11.9% of Best-in-Class reported a decrease in successful Application Security Attacks.

The summary went on to say. "Network defense technologies have matured to remove the "low hanging fruit" of network vulnerabilities but in the never ending, cat-and-mouse game of network security, network attacks have moved up the OSI layers, all the way to Layer 7, targeting the applications themselves. In response, organizations are increasingly deploying secure application development and deployment methodologies to supplement and aid in meeting compliance and IT security requirements."

When I became an enterprise of one, my PC was exposed to all kinds of attacks that brought it down. So I got a Mac. So far the attackers have not found it or the protection is better. There is a lot of attention on enterprise security. I wish someone would do a study on the security issues faced by individuals like myself.


About the Author:
Dr. Bill Ives is an independent consultant and writer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in business uses of emerging technologies for over 20 years. For several years he led the Knowledge Management Practice for a large consulting firm.. Now he primarily helps companies with their business blogs. He is also the VP of Social Media and blogger for TVissimo, a new TV schedule search engine. Prior to consulting, Dr. Ives was a Research Associate at Harvard University exploring the effects of media on cognition. He obtained his Ph. D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Toronto. Bill can be reached at his blog: Portals and KM. He also writes for the FastForward blog and the AppGap blog.


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