Hitachi, Netcordia Help With Network Management

By Doug Caverly
Staff Writer
Article Date: 2009-09-15

Aside from all of the obvious exterior stuff - spoilers, wide wheels, dual or quad exhausts - high performance cars tend to have more gauges than the average Honda. These readouts help drivers keep the complicated machines in tiptop shape. And now, Netcordia and Hitachi Data Systems are doing something similar with regards to network management.

Hitachi has integrated Netcordia's NetMRI with version 1.2 of its Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer, "creating the first available integrated infrastructure monitoring and management solution for the mid-market" according to a formal release.

More specifically, the combined offering should be able to detect and evaluate changes to networks as they occur, predicting the impact and flagging details related to their initiation. It's supposed to bring devices in line with accepted best practices, and improve and speed up audits, too.

Don Pyle, the CEO of Netcordia, added in a statement, "Network management best practices must be tightly integrated with a company's overall IT processes and controls," said. "Our partnership with Hitachi Data Systems now gives mid-sized companies an effective and cost-efficient way to seamlessly integrate these two key IT backbones: monitoring the data center and network that supports it."

Companies that want to have the networking equivalent of a Ferrari may find that the combined solution of NetMRI and Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 1.2 is just what the professional racer ordered, then.

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