May 25, 2016

Comcast Announces Plan For Next Fiber Network Initiative

May 11, 2015 Josh Wolford

Comcast is rolling into Chattanooga, Tennessee with the biggest if you can’t beat em, join em play you’ve seen in quite a while. Why Chattanooga, you might ask? In 2008, Comcast sued the city’s Electric Power Board (EPB) to block the municipality from creating its own fiber network. Comcast eventually […]

Salt Lake City Up Next For Google Fiber Treatment

March 30, 2015 Josh Wolford

Salt Lake City is the next city that’ll get Google Fiber, the company announced today. “Salt Lake has more than breathtaking mountain vistas and fantastic ski slopes. It also hosts a booming technology sector, world-renowned universities and a vibrant local culture. We’re looking forward to seeing Salt Lake residents use gigabit […]

Free, Basic Internet Comes To India from Facebook

February 19, 2015 Josh Wolford

Facebook has brought its app to India, giving free, basic internet access to people in six Indian states – Tamil Nadu, Mahararashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, and Telangana. The deal is a partnership with Reliance Communications.

Austin, TX Now Accepting Google Fiber Signups

December 8, 2014 Chris Crum

Google announced as far back as April that it would be launching Google Fiber in Austin, Texas. In October, the company revealed it would launch in December. Well, guess what. December is here, and Google just announced that it is now accepting signups in the city.

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